Relativity Meets Quantum Theory

Relativity Meets Quantum Theory

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     28-29 November 2013
    Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science
    London School of Economics and Political Science
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Adam Caulton (Cambridge), Fay Dowker (Imperial), Doreen Fraser (Waterloo), Leah Henderson (Carnegie Mellon), Miklós Rédei (LSE), Chris Smeenk (U. Western Ontario) Giovanni Valente (Pittsburgh), Jakob Yngvason (Vienna), David Wallace (Oxford).

The two great scientific developments in our fundamental understanding of space, time and matter in the 20th century are relativity theory and quantum theory. What happens when relativity meets quantum theory? Understanding this question is one of the great challenges in the foundations of physics of the last 50 years. It takes a myriad of forms: How does the nature of causality express itself in relativistic quantum systems? What are the consequences for the ontology of the theory, such as the prospects for localizable particles? Can quantum phenomena be seen to ground the operational foundations of relativity theory? How do the constraints of relativity theory give rise to new symmetries and statistical phenomena like CPT-symmetry and the spin-statistics relation?

In this 2-day conference, leading experts in both physics and in philosophy will meet with new researchers in the field to discuss and propose answers to some of these questions.

Organizers: Adam Caulton, Eleanor Knox, Bryan W. Roberts, David Wallace.

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